Code Moms

A Mom-and-Son Coding Team


Welcome to CodeMoms! We are a mom and son team that are learning computer programming together. This website is an evolving project that keeps changing as we continue learning code.

It is our hope that we might encourage others who are new to code. It doesn't matter if you are a mom, a dad, if you are young or old. If you want to learn how to code, you will find an abundance of online classes and resources available. All you need is the drive, the discipline and the determination.

On the Path to Learning Code

The Team

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We are a mother and son team on the path to learning code together. We started this path in 2014. My son had recently graduated high school and wanted to pursue a career in computer programming and web design. I wanted to learn a new skill so I could re-enter the workforce. So we decided to pair-learn code together.

With a Goal to Become Web Developers

Our Goal

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When we started this path, set a goal to commit 500 hours of code learning for the year. Then in 2015, when we were ready to move into more intermediate topics and set another goal of 500 hours.

We Pair-Learn 2 Hours a Day

How We Learn

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500 hours might sound like a lot, but that breaks down to only two hours a day. We learn everything online, at home, and at our own pace from several different coding schools. We compliment our classes with self-created mini projects so we can "learn by doing."

And Leave a Trail of Breadcrumbs

Keeping Track of our Trek

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Now in our third year, we are creating our portfolio as we continue to develop our skills. I have kept a journal of our trek since day one, when we had no experience and were starting with a blank slate.

And We Never Give Up

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Thanks for checking out our site. It is our hope that we can be an inspiration to others new to the path of learning code. We are blessed to live in a modern world of technology that can offer us the freedom to learn and create our own destiny. With so many resources available today, you can learn just about anything. You just need the desire, the discipline and determination. And never, ever give up!