Code Moms

A Mom-and-Son Coding Team

Advice to New Beginners

We hope that this CodeMoms website might be an inspiration to other beginners on the coding path. We started this journey with no code experience but have found that the following things have helped us stay dedicated and motivated. This advice is based on our own personal experience and we hope it might help.

"Difficult to see. Always in motion is the future"
~ Yoda

Why Learn Code?

Why learn code?

A good starting point is in asking the question "Why do I want to learn code?" Do you want to find a new career or skill? Are you wanting to make a better income? What is your motivation? My son has a passion for computer programming and this is what motivates him. For me, I want to use my art skills and technology to contribute a positive effect in the world.

What's Your Passion?

What's Your Passion

The next question to ask is "What is my passion?" There are many different learning tracks to choose from in the tech industry like: front-end developer, back-end developer, web designer, IOS developer, database engineer, etc. What is your passion? Find something you love and follow that path.

Set Your Goals

Smart Goals

When we first started our code journey, we set a goal to learn 500 hours in a year, which broke down to just two hours a day. Set a goal that is reasonable and attainable, but also challenging.

Research Schools

puppy on computer

Investigate the different online code schools and see if they have a track that will fit your goals. Check out our Schools Page for links to the schools we have followed. But don't stop there. New online school platforms are emerging quickly to match the high demand for computer programmers in the tech industry.

Schedule a Time


How much time can you commit to learning? Do you want to go slow and steady or fast and furious? Find a block of time that you can dedicate to and make that part of your daily schedule. We kept a log and recorded our hours, as well as topics we were learning or projects we were building.

Take Notes

notes in binder

There is so much information to learn, that we recommend taking notes and keeping a binder to organize them. Also, bookmark all the resources that you come across in your classes.

Stay Motivated

tower of code motivation visual board

Learning on your own can be challenging so it's good to find ways to stay motivated. You could make a Tower of Code, like we did, or create something else to keep yourself motivated.

Learn by Doing

troy working on mini project

The best way to integrate the information you absorb is to "learn by doing." We found that creating mini-projects enabled us to reinforce the topics beyond our online class readings, videos and quizzes.

Find You Pace

Troy and Niki on gradual path

Code can be challenging but realize that the progression is gradual. Being a self-taught coder takes dedication and persistence. This is a long hike. Whatever pace you go, keep it constant and focus on endurance.

And Never, Ever Give Up!

rocky balboa

There were a few times we were ready to throw in the towel, but we never gave up. If you get to a roadblock, take a break or go on a walk. Then begin again.