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Our Schools

There are many online code schools and new platforms are showing up every day because there is such a high demand for people with skills in technology.

Below are the schools and platforms we have used so far, but don't stop there - there are many more. Treehouse has been our main platform but we recommend trying different ones until you find a good fit. Some of the classes below are free and some have a monthly charge of $25 or so.

Treehouse and Udacity both offer a "tech degree" for a higher monthly rate. This is a great option for serious learners who want to land a job in the tech industry in a shorter amount of time.

So Many Ways to Learn Code


Treehouse Logo

Treehouse has a variety of learning tracks to choose from, like Web Development, Web Design, IOS, Python, Ruby and more. They have interactive videos and workshops and a great community forum for support. Logo started off with the "Hour of Code" in 2014 as an effort to incorporate computer science in schools. It is geared towards those new to code and has a great listing of other learning sites like Khan Academy and EdX.

Code School

Code School Logo

Code School emphasizes "Learning by Doing." It has several paths like HTML/CSS, Javascript, Ruby, Python, IOS, Git and more. They have great videos and interactive lessons.

Code Academy

Code Academy Logo

Code Academy teaches a variety of courses like HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, IOS, Angular and more.


Udacity Logo

Udacity courses are built with industry tech leaders such as Google, Salesforce, and others. They have free courses and also offer Nano Degrees.

Code HS

Code HS Logo

Code HS is an online class that teachers can incorporate into their school curriculum. It teaches mainly Javascript. You learn code by moving Karel, the dog, around his world.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Logo

Khan Academy's tagline is "You Can Learn Anything" and they're right. It started a few years ago as an free online math tutorial, but has since branched into more topics, including computer science.


Coursera Logo

Coursera provides universal access to top universities and has some good computer science classes. When we were first starting, we took the CS 101 class taught by Stanford.

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp Logo

Free Code Camp is a free site that teaches code while helping nonprofits. It covers HTML, CSS, jQuery, Javascript and more.

Learn to Code Book

Learn to Code Book Logo

This is a wonderful beginner's book by Shay Howe. We purchased the book but it is also available online for free with very good content on HTML and CSS.